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About Bianco


As the steam from a freshly brewed coffee cup swirls, twirls and dissipates, so do the wearies of the world as you take in the comforting warmth, breathe in the invigorating aroma and savor the delicious taste of an impeccable brew extracted from expertly roasted coffee beans. In these moments, the world can wait. In these ‘attimi di caffer, the coffee is to be relished and cherished.

“Take your time; savour the moment and give in to the lush, velvety comfort of coffee!”

With this ethos, Bianco Coffee – the Salerno, Naples based roastery started its operations in 1932, and over time, it has gone on to become ‘il principale ambasciatore’ of Italian coffee beans across the globe.


Over the years, Bianco Coffee continued to flourish, gaining recognition not only within Italy but also internationally. The brand’s unwavering commitment to sourcing the highest quality beans and adhering to time-honored roasting techniques attracted coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs from around the globe.

The rich, warm taste of Bianco Coffee beans is now enjoyed in 30+ countries worldwide. With almost a century of history, experience and expertise, the Bianco Coffee moniker exudes prestige, heritage and legacy like no other in the already enriched Italian coffee lore.


Sourcing coffee beans from the finest cultivators of the famed Central and South American coffee belt as well as Africa and Asia, Bianco Coffee implements state of the art roasting techniques and processes in its modern roastery in Naples. By using innovative methods that combine historical knowledge and expertise with contemporary technology, Bianco Coffee beans not only retain their original unique characteristics but are also enhanced in every way.From aroma and flavour profile to the premium taste and invigorating warmth – no one does coffee beans better than Bianco!

And Bianco Bangladesh is here, to introduce the same rich taste, divine warmth and proud lineage of Bianco Coffee beans to the coffee connoisseurs of Bangladesh.

Mirsaige, the sole distributor of Bianco Coffee in Bangladesh, aims to cultivate an authentic Italian coffee culture throughout the country by offering the finest Italian coffee beans.